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Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Ice Cube

Well, we got another opportunity to go to the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards, so we decided to go back for another fun adventure... We didn't do any research so we had no idea who might be there this year. In fact, I was secretly hoping that Mr. Depp, last year's surprise celebrity slimee, might be back to promote Pirates. No luck on the Johnny front but we were pleased to see Hugh Jackman, Bruce Willis, and Will Smith on the agenda for the night. Last year we arrived really late and so we only caught the tail end of the show but this year we were right on time, even early enough to have our ear drums pierced by the screaming kids at the Orange Carpet.

We once again had the luxury of crew badges and while wandering around backstage, Cris saw Pink We physically warming up for her performance and we walked right past Cameron Diaz. We had a hard time finding a spot from which to watch the show as the fire marshall was on it and would not let us stand in the aisles. So we went to the very top seating of the Pauley Pavillion and camped out in some empty chairs. The show itself is a little puzzling - not being 12, we didn't know who half of the people are who were being honored. And some of the categories are even laughable - favorite film actress Lindsay Lohan? Really? Is this an April Fool's joke? It's not? M'kay.

I'm operating under the assumption that none of you watched the show so here is a brief recap: The low point had to be the burping contest between Hugh Jackman and Justin Timberlake, judged by Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Jon Heder. Jack Black was the host and with the exception of his opening number in which he sang Elton John's "Saturday," he seemed kind of subdued. Chris Rock won the wannabe award (who the kids most want to be) and Robin Williams was the surprise celebrity slime victim. Pink, Bow Wow, and Chris Brown (?) performed. There was less slime this year than last, kinda disappointing.

Our friend had to leave part way through the show to oversee slime cleanup so when it was over, Cris and I headed outside to where the celeb trailers were and also to skulk around the entrance to the afterparty (the only thing our crew badges could not get us into). Right as we walked out the doors, Hugh Jackman walked by us. He is really tall (but apparently, only a second-class burper). He seemed like he was on his way out so we didn't stop him but I did smile in awe at his Wolverine-ness. Okay, really we didn't stop him because we didn't have our camera ready and we weren't really expecting to see someone so soon, so we just kind of let him walk by, but we did smile at his Wolverine-ness :)

Shortly thereafter, we spotted Ice Cube sort of standing around. A group of little girls had surrounded him and were getting autographs on their programs. We approached and I was watching as he attempted to sign a little girl's denim jacket with a ball point pen. So I pulled out my sharpie and loaned it to him. Whoever the guy was that was with him thanked me and I asked if we could have a picture. So Mr. Cube signed a few things with my sharpie and then this guy came up and started talking to him. He must have been another celebrity but I didn't recognize him. He had cornrows and this thing over his teeth that had all sorts of diamonds in it (ring any bells?). Ice Cube was happy to see him and even gave the guy his cell number. After that Ice Cube started to turn to go but his manager/handler/friend made sure I got my picture. I told him that we like Black. White. (not entirely true as the whole time it is on I want to put a pen in my eye because Bruno is so stupid), but I don't think he heard me. Later I thought I should have asked him whether Bruno ever has a breakthrough, but I was too nervous at the time. I loaned the man my sharpie and then forgot to ask him to sign my badge - d'oh! The picture came out terrible - I look like I weigh 800 pounds and Ice Cube looks like he's going to beat Cris up. Lol. But here it is anyway, visual proof: