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Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Will Smith

Well we didn't think it was possible to top last year's experience at the Kid's Choice Awards, but this year came pretty close.

While we were backstage We saw Hugh Jackman walk by, but we were totally unprepared. Then we saw Ice Cube and Whoopi Goldberg milling around also but she was already surrounded by so many people that I didn't really want to fight the crowd of kids to get near her. We wandered around for a bit more. Rapper Chris Brown's trailer always had a huge crowd around it so it made wandering a bit challenging. As we got past the crowd we looked up and both spotted Will Smith. OHMYGOD! Cris prodded me to get up there and as I tried to move in, this Mom swooped in with her kids. Will picked up her little girl and gave her a hug and was really nice and then the Mom pulled out a headshot and gave it to him. Now this little girl was maybe, maybe four years old and she was wearing a blonde wig - it looked ridiculous. She was a really cute little girl but the wig just looked strange. But the mom was selling her hard (she was wearing the wig in the headshot) - she acts, models, etc. Will was nice and took the picture. He started to go and I yelled out "Will, can I have a picture?" He said sure, I told him how much I love him, and I was so distracted by the fact that he smelled really good, I forgot to ask for an autograph. I wasn't upset or anything, I got my picture and it came out much better than the Ice Cube shot :)

We met up with our friend (who had to work all night to get the slime smell and green color off of his hands) and as we wandered through the backstage area one last time, we saw Will again. He was surrounded by a huge group and I didn't want to try to fight my way through, but Cris and our friend who is really good ad this sort of thing went to see if they could get his autograph, they came away victorious! We were just standing there and he walked by again, this time to leave. After he walked by, I yelled out, "Bye Will!" He turned around smiling and I waved at him (like the geek that I truly am) and he yelled back, "Bye Baby!" I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the night.

He was so friendly and I was much more relaxed around him than I was around Johnny Depp so although Johnny remains my absolute favorite, I actually had more fun in the experience with Will. Here is the photo evidence: Thanks again to the friend who once again made this possible!!