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Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Wierd Al Yankovic

     For Al's 2007 Straight Outta Lynwood tour, when the show stopped at the Orange County Fair, someone decided that what Al really needed was to have some Stormtroopers on stage during his performance of The Saga Begins. The rest is history! As part of the Southern California Garrison I was able to participate in one of the Orange County Fair shows, and then again at the last show on the tour at the Greek Theater. This was the first time I have ever been part of a rock show like this and may be the last, but what fun it was to be able to use the artist's entrance and hang out backstage like we really belonged. We even got to go to the afterparty. Al was really nice and even recorded a thank you message for us. OK so he was goofing around at the same time - but would ho have it any other way?

OC Fair

Greek Theater



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