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5th Element Korben Dallas Gun

This was a fan made kit that we got way back when. It's not the greatest paint job ever, but at least it lights up...

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Korben Dallas Gun

This was a fan-made model kit that I got for Kim for Christmas way back when I first got into prop-building. Nobody else in the family understood, but kim was ecstatic.

Later I built-up the kit and added some metal parts to make it look more real. Or course it was only a few months later that pictures of the real gun from the movie went online at the Profiles in History auction. Oh well. C'est la vie. At least it lights up :)

Here Kim shows off her Gun and Leeloo costume at the Vegas comic-con Halloween party.

This was the little schematic I made-up to show where the wires and batteries were hidden

Not sure it is so helpful, but I never actually took any progress pics on this build.