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Backyard Remodel

Well- we did it. We spent the last 3 days tearing out all of the plants in the backyard so we can plant a whole new look. We are also thinking of resurfacing the pool deck because the pool itself needs serious help, and now would be the time to re-deck too. Stay tuned...

Here's our backyard progress.

We started last weekend cuting down some of the plants and stuff in the side flower beds but we had major tree stumps that needed to be removed as well as about 8 more trees.

So this weekend we finished the 1st phase.

Here are some before and after shots.

after one day of work (Kim's friend Joaquin helped us and brought a chiansaw!

and a full rent a bin

And it took 2 more full days to remove all of the stumps. (the 2 biggest were behind the pond and you cant even see them in the midde photos!

And a new fence! I had a fence buddy for quite a while.

We've now added a new gas hookup for the BBQ grill. No More Propane!
Pay no attention to that big hole, it was already there...

and this is the outside. A 6 ft hose leads to a quick connector

And the Grill has it's own hose with the other quick connector...
This is our new(second hand) grill!

And I'll have to add a hook for the hose, but when it is not in use, we can disconnect the hose and coil it out of the way...