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Welcome to our travel section. There are now updates here about our 2005 Trip to Paris, France, 2007 trip to Europe and 2008 trip to Germany, and now Japan!


What is there to see here?

This is the section where we can share some of our travel photos and memories.

Germany 2016

Paris 2015

Germany Belgium Netherlands 2013 (and Celebration Europe II)



Florida and Florida Keys



Oktoberfest and Bavaria/Austria!

Here is a short video from Oktoberfest



New Orleans!


Video from our trip to Norway!


Finse 720p from Cris Knight on Vimeo.


Photos from Our Trip to NYC and Norway!

Pictures from Philadelphia and New York City!

We just got back from celebrating with our friends in Germany. This time it was not snowing!

Check out the pictures :)


Finally, Japan! Pics HERE and Kims Blog for the whole story :)

one fun thing we did was this walk from Harajuku station to Shibuya station. Don't forget to stop and visit Hachiko if you go there! He's the last stop on the route :)

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Germany 2008!

It's 2008 and we just got back from Germany and JediCon! All new pictures can be seen here :)

In Summer 2007 we took an awesome trip to Europe. To see the photos click the map below!

Trip diaries can be found in Kims blog...

In Jan 2007 we travelled all the way to Pasadena for the Tournament of Roses Parade!

Rose Parade

You can now check out our Paris Travel Tips.  We have restaurant reviews posted for most of the places we ate during the trip as well as the names and addresses for our hotel and many of the other places we visited in our Parisian adventure.

I've been experimenting with stiching software to create a few panoramas.  Cool!

Check out our entire Paris 2005 Photo Gallery. Pace yourself- there are over 850 photos!

or, for the short and quick version, now complete with Kim's journal entries, try the links below:

And Now.....Highlights of Paris 2005!

Day 1 - Our last American meal and first day in Paris. 

Day 2 - On which day we gorge ourselves and walk untold miles.

Day 3 - On which we shop, we cry, we go bohemian existentialist...

Day 4 - On which we get lost in Switzerland...

Day 5 - Back in Paris, modern art, vin rouge and basket of sausages...

Day 6 - Birds and bathrooms and brasseries - Oh My!

Day 7 - Normandy, France.  

Day 8 - Adventures in Avignon and misadventures in Marseilles. 

Day 9 - Back in Paris.  Sweet Paris.

Day 10 - Road Trip!  We rent a car and hit the road...

Day 11 - The last day in Paris.


We've also got pictures from our previous trips available for viewing. It was SOOO cold when we went to Paris last time that it was nice to be able to go places without 30 extra pounds of clothing this time around.

Here are some previous picture galleries for you to enjoy!
Our trip to Italy June 2000
Our trip to Las Vegas Oct 2003
Our trip to Paris and London 04
Our trip to Comic-Con 2005