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Newton Amp Disassembly

I got this amp on ebay, but it is a little bulky in the casing, so I modified it a little to fit inside my clonetrooper armor.

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Newton Amp .

I bought this Newton Amp on Ebay - but it is the same one you can buy from xtreme gadget.

It is nice and loud, but I did not want to hang it from my belt - especially not when the clonetrooper already has those nice little holes in the chest plate. I figured that would be a great place for a speaker.

the first thing I did was unscrew the 4 screws holding the case together. But as you can see, that is not the only thing that holds it together - it only opens this far

the battery springs catch - you have to bend these to get the cover off

bend with pliers

et voila!

now unscrew the two screws with the red tamper proof glue, and the board pops out...

and the board is free - I tested it here to make sure it was still working before cutting the speaker wires. The existing wires are too short and too fragile to just use as-is.

I cut the wires, and marked the solder points with a sharpie. I figured if the wires broke loose, I'd never find the right spots again. And I took a picture- just to be safe...

I soldered a longer wire to the 2 cut ends and tested again. Still working!!

now I removed the speaker from the front cover mounts. I thought about re-using these on the armor, but then decided to just use glue. I'm sure this would have been more elegant - but whatever.

with everything free of the case and working, I hot glued the fragile solder points. Don't want them breaking!

also - since I took off one side of the cover, the side the board mounts to, I just fipped the screws around and mounted it to the back side with a nylon washer. So the screws go in backwards. It's mounted solid - that's what counts.

here I taped it in place to test on the armor. Feedback city at this point, but still works! Don't forget to bend the battery springs back to the original shape.

since that was working I went ahead and glued it all in place. I used a red-vines lid to make a little back cover for the speaker and hid the wires under some spare plastic. The black tape is probably unnecessary, but I just used it to seal the cracks around the speaker. I also put a little foam in front of the speaker, behind the nipple holes...

It didn't seem like it would hurt anything, so I used the potentiometer as a glue point. It's just hot glue - so what the heck. Still works! Maybe I should cover the gap with something - that looks a little dangerous. But for now - this is how I have it.

positioned here I can just reach the mic plug and volume knob with my fingers while in armor. Just.

my makeshift cover. It would look nicer if I painted it.

what you see from the front.

anyway- that's it! I trooped all over Comic-con with no problems! The foam and the back cover took care of almost all of the feedback. I just have to turn the volume down the tiniest bit in a quiet room.

Of couse - if you try this on your own amp - beware that several people have had them completely stop working after just opening the plastic case! Also - I'm pretty sure any warrantee that may have come with the unit is now voided. At $45 That's a pretty big oops - so be really careful!

If mine stops working, I'll post an update. But for now - 2 weeks and going strong.