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Easy Harry Potter Wands

Here is how we made some simple and beautiful "Magic" wands for our niece's Harry Potter themed birthday party. The materials are so cheap that the wands cost less than $3 each to make and the kids absolutely loved them.

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Make your own Magic Wands, good enough for Ollivander's Wand Shop

Our niece Audrey wanted to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party, so we took on the task of making some nice wooden wands to go with the kids' costumes. Here's how we did it.

the step-by-step...

First we got some mug pegs at the hardware store. They come in different shapes, but I liked the ones similar to this shape

here is a website that sells them in bulk - but they are not very hard to find

they have lots of different styles. Google wooden mug peg and you'll see what we mean.

next we got a copper pipe coupler that fit over the end of the peg

here are some ones like it. It was in the copper pipe section of the hardware store.

I got the rolled stop 1/2" copper coupling and also the 1/2" copper reducing coupler. You could get anything that works with your parts. It is fun to experiment with different combinations!

the last thing we bought was the wooden dowels. We got 1/2" wooden dowels in the closest wood color to our mug pegs.

here is a link to a site with pegs and dowels - but these are extremely easy to find in any hardware or hobby store

after we had these three parts, I tapered the ends of the wands and rounded them over slightly.

I used my lathe, sandpaper and a small file to spin the wooden dowels and shape them, but you could easily do this by spinning the dowel in a drill chuck or just using a bit of sandpaper and hand sanding the ends into a slight taper. Hand sanding will take a little longer but will have the same end result.

I also used a triangular file to add two small grooves in the wand just to make it more interesting.

Here I am sanding away...

once the wand end was shaped the way I liked it, I glued the three pieces together and stained them.

Mug Peg + Coupler + Rounded Dowel + a little bit of wood stain from the garage = magic wand!

the wand on the right edge of this photo is the one with the reducing coupler. See it?

thanks for looking and happy wand making!